Happy Birthday : The Day to be Proud, The Occasion to Cherish

Your Birthday, my occasion to celebrate



On This Birthday

May the Charming Butterflies flying through the air

drop the essence of Charm & Glamour on you

making you even more charming & Glamorous


May the ever-changing seasons

make you even stronger and tougher


May the God of Luck

be with you Forever


May the Tag of Special Edition

always be with your Name


May the quality of a Loving Person

always gets preserved inside you


May you never have to say  the word “Touch Wood”

to stay away from Evil’s eyes


May your Personality

always Shine like a Diamond

Precious & Irreplaceable


May the Shadow of Peace

always be around you


May you always remain Happy

like a Free Person


May you always

get surrounded by Caring People


May your mood changing Smile

always spread Happiness & fade away Tears


May the Bad Times

always fear from your presence


May the Time of your Life

never let Struggle enter into it


May the word Success

be with every step you will ever take in your life


May the Blessings of God

never require your  prayers


May the Miracles of Universe

be the Gift of every moment you live


May your Life-Line

never gets tested by any force


May your health

never need a doctor


May the Beauty of Nature

never affect your Beauty with Aging


May your wardrobe

always have new styles & Fashion


May the Parties and Happy Moments

never go away from your life


May your Special Day

begin with the smell of donuts

the Afternoon surprise your lunch with lots of Cheese

the Evening Welcomes you with a Big Birthday Bash

and the Night gifts you with

lots of Stars shinning with the Blue Moon



May the “May”

turn to “Sure”


A Very Happy Birthday Dear….



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