My Sweetheart: The urge of my heart, My soul of the future

Waiting for My Sun to Rise …


With the words I Express my love

I urge your heed

Hey my Lady-Love

Hey my twin-flame

Your Eyes are mischievous

Every time they see me

They change their way

Your curly hairs always play with me

While my eyes are away from you

They Twirl with the Wind

And when I look at you

They hide behind your ears


Even Your Lips test my eagerness

As they don’t tell me

“Your Name”


But Still,

My Desire for you

feels that I don’t lose my time

looking for you

thinking only of you

As This is the Time

I truly like to submit in your devotion

My Feelings for you

think that You are not Familiar with

My Unseen Love for you

Your never-ending spark  in me

The promise of your shadow in my heart

Maybe that’s why

You are not intrigued towards my love

Maybe that’s why

My lone journey never gets your light

But with no Regrets,

Even I am a kind of  lover

Whose addiction for you

survives rent-less

Whose liking for you

is ever-lasting

And Whose wait for you

is like the Never-ending Time

Feel The life inside of me

My Lady-Love

My Twin Flame


If not Today, then surely Tomorrow

Your attention towards me

will realize the purity of my affection with you

Your thoughts for me

will spot the Boundless Love, I am enduring inside of me

Your eyes won’t blink, when they will realize

How your Summer is testing my Thirst for you

And Some Day

My dream of decorating your Lap

With my Love Letters, will surely come true


One Day

Every Snapshot, clicked by the imagination of my feelings

In the Name of us

Will hold the hand of Reality


Your thoughts of ignorance

will earn me even more worth

in the State of Love


Holding your attention towards me

will become your Affection, instead of Rejection

That Moment will surely be a part of the Day

Your eyes will wish to reflect my picture in their appearance

Your feelings will wish to touch my heart

Your Time will search for my presence


Your every word  will come out

After Passing through the essence of my Name, present in your every sense

Which will be a part of your Name

In the Gift of the Near-Future.

Till then,

My passion of decorating my feelings

with words of emotions

Will help me survive the flame of my love-candle

in my inner-self

in the Absence of My Sweetheart









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