The Shore: The reason of my survival, The place of our re-union

The Reality Of My Present….


Your ship has traveled miles away from the shore

we last had a laugh together at

Cruising towards another destination


While I am still living on the edge of this shore

surviving in between the tides of Reality & Hope


Sometimes, I wonder why this shore is not letting me go

Even the ferries don’t want me to leave

As they don’t come to see me


But no sooner,

then I see the birds welcoming the dawn

spreading the message of our re-union

And how can I miss out on Day-Dream

which is always ready to lift me up

from the uneven ground of worries & fear

towards the Couch of Positivity &  surety



When the present looks unchanged

When all these things turn into a daily-routine

Everything seems helpless

My thoughts wake up my Past, thereby steering my mood

towards believing the path to be a dead-end


And that is when,

The tears flood through the eyes, When they realize that

all those memories were the last memories

The soul questions the life, “Why?”

The journey keeps its head down


I seem to have lived in fool’s paradise

All those days, when the false-hopes elevated my expectations


As a result,

I turn livid and leave the shore

fighting through the river to find another place

Only until, I realize that the shore is still there

waiting for me just to hold my hand

dying to give me whatever it has

Just to stop me from going


And then,

My broken-heart loosens its grip over the smooth river

asking my body to float freely over the water


After which,

the river carefully lay me down into the Lap of the Shore

Thereby giving my tired Soul a peaceful sleep

full of the lost dream & promising end


Followed by another day with the same story….









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