The Shore: The reason of my survival, The place of our re-union

The Reality Of My Present….


Your ship has traveled miles away from the shore

we last had a laugh together at

Cruising towards another destination


While I am still living on the edge of this shore

surviving in between the tides of Reality & Hope


Sometimes, I wonder why this shore is not letting me go

Even the ferries don’t want me to leave

As they don’t come to see me


But no sooner,

then I see the birds welcoming the dawn

spreading the message of our re-union

And how can I miss out on Day-Dream

which is always ready to lift me up

from the uneven ground of worries & fear

towards the Couch of Positivity &  surety



When the present looks unchanged

When all these things turn into a daily-routine

Everything seems helpless

My thoughts wake up my Past, thereby steering my mood

towards believing the path to be a dead-end


And that is when,

The tears flood through the eyes, When they realize that

all those memories were the last memories

The soul questions the life, “Why?”

The journey keeps its head down


I seem to have lived in fool’s paradise

All those days, when the false-hopes elevated my expectations


As a result,

I turn livid and leave the shore

fighting through the river to find another place

Only until, I realize that the shore is still there

waiting for me just to hold my hand

dying to give me whatever it has

Just to stop me from going


And then,

My broken-heart loosens its grip over the smooth river

asking my body to float freely over the water


After which,

the river carefully lay me down into the Lap of the Shore

Thereby giving my tired Soul a peaceful sleep

full of the lost dream & promising end


Followed by another day with the same story….









Goodbye: The last words of pain, The end of Struggle


My tears that always took my pain

would no more have to sacrifice themselves

As its time for the hope to go home


My moments that always witnessed our separation

would no more have to wait for you

As its time for my desire to go home


My faith that always kept you alive, inside me

would no more have to rely on false hopes

As its time for your name to go home


My Efforts that always followed my heart

would no more have to fight with the patience

As its time for your presence, to leave my heart


My lone walk, that always felt your emptiness

would no more have to find a partner

As its time for your addiction to go home


My Happiness that always thought, was incomplete without you

would no more have to live in with that misbelief

As its time for your affection to go home



My Life that always wanted, you to hold my hand till the end

would no more have to trail your shadow

As its time for me to go back home


Though I always struggled in creating, what was never in my destiny

I will always be grateful to come across the surrounding of your unforgettable friendship

Though this journey, always left me to walk alone

on a path brimming with struggle & wait

My destination never got changed

Until, my destiny showed me the real place



I will always pray, that you get a partner

you never want to rise your sun without

A lover, that always be a peace for you

A soul mate of your dreams

A significant-other, you want to share the umbrella of your life with

The lucky-one that,

opens the treasure of your life

the guard of your tears

the care-taker of your desires

the cure of your problems


the worth of your life…


My last words for you…


May you become the special attention of God

Be blessed by your Family & God


Good-bye sweetheart…..











Confession: The want of my love, the need of my present.

With a rose to spare…

My Love wants to be

the rays of sun

that can spread brightness in your life


My love wants to be the cocktail drink

that invites us to share it

with two straws hugging each other

inside a glass of romance

thereby bringing us even more closer to each other


My love wants to be the taste of a Chocolate

willing to spread sweetness in your life


My love wants to be

the reflection of those beloved old memories

you often like to cherish

to make you come alive


My love wants to be

the cute-smile of babies

to set you free from stress & worries


My love wants to be a lottery ticket

always set to re-decorate the stars of your life


My love wants to be

the touch of the serene-wind flowing through the mountains

to make you feel peaceful & free


My love wants to be a single-umbrella

ready to protect you from the tears

of your Sad-monsoon season


My  love for you, wants to be

the preview of that magical Sun-rise

people travel miles to witness

with their loved-ones


My love for you, wants to be

the charm of that end-less occasion

people wait Years, to live up


My love for you, wants to be

that moment of the Valentine’s day

people wait for a year, to fall into


My love for you, wants to be like a Night

that can let you dream freely


My love wants your name to be

My Good-Night, of every night


My Good-Morning, of every morning













My Sweetheart: The urge of my heart, My soul of the future

Waiting for My Sun to Rise …

With the words I Express my love

I urge your heed

Hey my Lady-Love

Hey my twin-flame

Your Eyes are mischievous

Every time they see me

They change their way

Your curly hairs always play with me

While my eyes are away from you

They Twirl with the Wind

And when I look at you

They hide behind your ears


Even Your Lips test my eagerness

As they don’t tell me

“Your Name”


But Still,

My Desire for you

feels that I don’t lose my time

looking for you

thinking only of you

As This is the Time

I truly like to submit in your devotion

My Feelings for you

think that You are not Familiar with

My Unseen Love for you

Your never-ending spark  in me

The promise of your shadow in my heart

Maybe that’s why

You are not intrigued towards my love

Maybe that’s why

My lone journey never gets your light

But with no Regrets,

Even I am a kind of  lover

Whose addiction for you

survives rent-less

Whose liking for you

is ever-lasting

And Whose wait for you

is like the Never-ending Time

Feel The life inside of me

My Lady-Love

My Twin Flame


If not Today, then surely Tomorrow

Your attention towards me

will realize the purity of my affection with you

Your thoughts for me

will spot the Boundless Love, I am enduring inside of me

Your eyes won’t blink, when they will realize

How your Summer is testing my Thirst for you

And Some Day

My dream of decorating your Lap

With my Love Letters, will surely come true


One Day

Every Snapshot, clicked by the imagination of my feelings

In the Name of us

Will hold the hand of Reality


Your thoughts of ignorance

will earn me even more worth

in the State of Love


Holding your attention towards me

will become your Affection, instead of Rejection

That Moment will surely be a part of the Day

Your eyes will wish to reflect my picture in their appearance

Your feelings will wish to touch my heart

Your Time will search for my presence


Your every word  will come out

After Passing through the essence of my Name, present in your every sense

Which will be a part of your Name

In the Gift of the Near-Future.

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Happy Birthday : The Day to be Proud, The Occasion to Cherish

Your Birthday, my occasion to celebrate


On This Birthday

May the Charming Butterflies flying through the air

drop the essence of Charm & Glamour on you

making you even more charming & Glamorous


May the ever-changing seasons

make you even stronger and tougher


May the God of Luck

be with you Forever


May the Tag of Special Edition

always be with your Name


May the quality of a Loving Person

always gets preserved inside you


May you never have to say  the word “Touch Wood”

to stay away from Evil’s eyes


May your Personality

always Shine like a Diamond

Precious & Irreplaceable


May the Shadow of Peace

always be around you


May you always remain Happy

like a Free Person


May you always

get surrounded by Caring People


May your mood changing Smile

always spread Happiness & fade away Tears


May the Bad Times

always fear from your presence


May the Time of your Life

never let Struggle enter into it


May the word Success

be with every step you will ever take in your life


May the Blessings of God

never require your  prayers


May the Miracles of Universe

be the Gift of every moment you live


May your Life-Line

never gets tested by any force


May your health

never need a doctor


May the Beauty of Nature

never affect your Beauty with Aging


May your wardrobe

always have new styles & Fashion


May the Parties and Happy Moments

never go away from your life


May your Special Day

begin with the smell of donuts

the Afternoon surprise your lunch with lots of Cheese

the Evening Welcomes you with a Big Birthday Bash

and the Night gifts you with

lots of Stars shinning with the Blue Moon



May the “May”

turn to “Sure”


A Very Happy Birthday Dear….




Waiting for our souls to meet again….

“every morning”
the sunshine wakes me up to meet “you”
when the very “first” thought of my mind
reminds me of “you”
every “sip” of my hot coffee
talks about “your” absence
the “soulful” breeze kissing my ears
whispers about my desire to “wait”  for “you”
“my loneliness”
reveals a lot about my “affection” with “you”
every “second” on the clock
is the “witness”
of how alone
“I” am, without “you”
each “tear”
that falls over my cheeks
defines how much “worthy”
“you” are for “me”
those “romantic” songs….
how can I “forget” them
describes a lot about
how I “see” you
those “love” stories…
I really want to
“hold” onto them
as they want
“us” to be “together”
the “old-workplace”…
how can I “feel” it, without “you”
as it still “cherishes”
those moments of “us” being “together”
with the day-eve chasing the sun
allows the “moon” to dazzle
its every lasting “fairy-light”
how can I avoid them
as they together
remind me of my “fairy”
even the “silence” of every night
helps me dream about
“you”, coming back into my “life”
till the “sunshine” falls over my eyes
thereby “pushing” me towards
making my “dream” come “true”